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Recent Customer Projects

Mark Werdehausen

Mark Werdehausen's True 10.5 Mustang. It's powered by a 408 SBF with a 94mm turbo initially tuned by Steve Petty. A M&M glide and a Neal Chance convertor send the power to the wheels. The Mustang was a ground up project done by TYDO including all turbo duct work. TYDO updated it in 2005 with a new 25.5 Chrome Moly Cage. Best ET to date is 5.15@145 with a 1.23 60'


Tim Slavens

Tim Slavens Outlaw 10.5 2000 Camaro is a turn key project that was completed by TYDO Race Cars in 2002. It features a 25.2 chrome moly chassis, ladder bar suspension, carbon fiber interior, C&R Glide with a Pro Torque converter and is powered by a 706 BBC. Brad Burkes in Fordland MO did the custom paint job. Best 1/4 7.50@185, 1/8 4.77@151 at 3050 lbs.

Dave Woods

Dave Woods of AMS Staff Leasing out of Dallas. It is a 57 Chevy that was a Nitro Coupe at a time and was converted to an Outlaw 10.5 car by TYDO in 2006. TYDO installed factory front frame rails, firewall, headers, fuel system, oil tank, and new wheels and tires. Dave will be running the car in the ADRL Extreme 10.5 Class. This car was recently featured on DragRacingOnline


Mike Kimmis

Mike Kimmis's Outlaw 10.5 2001 Firebird Trans Am is another complete project by TYDO Race Cars. It features a 25.2 Chassis, 4 Link, Anthony Jones front suspension, Carbon Fiber interior and has a full tilt Fabricated 9". Motivation will be a 526 BBC with Twin 88's on Alky. Look for this car next in 2007 at Ozark, Clash of Titans and MAKO races.


Steven Napier

Steve Napier's 1970 Drag Radial Nova was a ground up project completed by TYDO Race Cars in 2002. It's a stock suspension car featuring a 10pt Moly Cage, 12 bolt rear w/Cal-Tracs. A Cold Fusion Nitrous powered SBC propels the Nova to a 5.72@125 ET. Steve says a more serious Big Block is coming soon...


Chris Guthery

Chris Guthery's Limited 10.5 Nova Wagon was a ground up project completed by TYDO Race Cars in 2002. It features a 25.5 Chrome Moly frame, ladder bar suspension, tubular control arms with coil overs up front and mini-tub w/notched rails. It's powered by a 565 BBC with 2 stages of Applied Nitrous. A PTC Glide and Converter put the power to the wheels.. Look for Chris in the Limited 10.5 ORSCA class and occasionally at Ozark. A 632 is in the works for 2007.


James Davis

James "Peanut" Davis has a 1970 Nova that was a ground up project done by TYDO Race Cars in 2003. It has a chrome moly 12 pt cage. 565 BBC with two Cold Fusion foggers, Minitub and notched frame, fabricated housing and uses Ladder bars. All that torque is put to the ground through a Neal Chance Bolt Together Converter and a C&R Glide. Peanut's best ET to date is 5.38@134 w/1.25 60'. Look for this car at the Clash of the Titans and at most Ozark Shootouts.


John Slavens

John Slaven's Drag Radial 67 Camaro is a project completed by TYDO Race Cars in 2005. It's got a 10 pt mild steel cage, Southsides, Calvert Split Mono's and runs a 12 bolt rear. This car has done a 1.29 60' on Mickey Thompson Drag Radials. John competes in the Drag Radial Class at Ozark and runs in the 5.50's with BBC power.


Jake Gier

Jake Gier runs a Drag Radial 69 Barracuda powered by a 547 Wedge with FBS Heads and a Cold Fusion nitrous system. It's a stock suspension car running Cal-Trac's with split mono's and weighs in at 3250lbs. TYDO did the 10 pt Moly Cage in 2005. Best ET to date is 5.38 with a 1.28 60' on Mickey Thompson Drag Radials.

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