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TYDO Race Car Chassis Services

(Starting@) All pricing on this page is based on basic services with the assumption that the car is stripped and ready to work with. These are just "starting at" ball park prices to give customers an idea of what investment is required for certain types of work.

TYDO Race Cars can also build the entire car from the ground up and have it ready for you turn key if that's what you're after. Call us for a quote and for any questions...

Roll Cages / Bars and Chassis

6 Point Roll Bar

Mild steel Starting@ $600.00
Chrome Moly Starting@ $700.00

8 Point Roll Bar

Mild steel Starting@$700.00
Chrome Moly Starting@ $850.00

10 Point Roll Bar

Mild steel Starting@ $1800.00
Chrome Moly Starting@ $2000.00

SFI 25.5 Spec Roll Cage

Chrome Moly Starting@ $4500.00
SFI 25.2 Spec Chassis
** Call ***

Sub Frame Connectors

Starting@ $150.00

Anti-roll Bar

Starting@ Parts and Labor $750.00

Parachute Mount

Starting@ Parts, Labor and Parachute $750.00


Starting@ parts and labor $800.00

Narrow rear end housing

Starting@ $150.00

Turbo blower duct work

** Call ***

Custom Built Headers

Starting@ $1000
Dealers for
Comp Cams
FAST Fuel Air Spark Technology
RPM Performance Products Data Loggers
Cold Fusion Nitrous
Anthony Jones Engineering


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